Lovely Wicked

Lovely_WickedPublished By: Kari Gregg
Published: January 28, 2014
(Original Pub Date: September 18, 2010)
Word Count: 70,605

Mitch McAllister and Liv Winslow grew up in the same squalid trailer park, turning to each other for comfort as scared kids. When they meet there again while visiting their dysfunctional families as adults, Mitch and Liv escape the ghosts of their past in sexual excess. They ultimately include Mitch’s neighbor Sam Lawson in their giddy, extravagant play. It was only supposed to be sex: hot, dirty, spine-melting sex.

None of them wanted to fall in love. If life has taught Liv, Mitch and Sam anything, though, it’s that we don’t always get what we want. But if we’re very lucky, sometimes we get exactly what we need.

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The Romance ReviewThe Romance Review

There are times when you sit down to read, and you instantly know you are experiencing something special. That’s how I felt when reading LOVELY WICKED. This book is unlike any other erotic romance I have ever read. The deeply emotional plot rivaled with the extremely erotic and at times very carnal scenes and made this a highly intense read that captivated me from the beginning…I thought that this book was unusual in that it’s a romance, but it’s told through the eyes of Mitch. That unusual voice lent itself to the amazing quality of this work. Rho, The Romance Reviews


4.5 Star Spinning

Atypical for the genre this is more than a ménage book with a little kink—it is an exploration of the resilience of individuals who rise above what they were to become what they want to be. Utterly authentic and compelling, read this when you want more than just a casual good read. Be prepared for a little shock, a whole lot of inspiration, and a different kind of Happily Ever After. (Full review)

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6 Responses to Lovely Wicked

  1. Judie Stewart says:

    Will there be a book 2 to Lovely Wicked?

  2. Kari says:

    Don’t take this as a binding agreement or anything, but I’m looking at LW2 right now, actually. I started the sequel what feels like eons ago…and then spent two years writing only M/M. Missing my girl cootie stories. I think it may finally be time for me to wander back to that. But I’m not actively working LW2 (fresh pages) yet and I certainly haven’t signed it with anybody. I’m just feeling the story out, testing to see if it’s ready. FWIW, right now, looks like green for go to me. 🙂

  3. Judie Stewart says:

    Yippee! I can’t wait to read it!

  4. Mac Lou says:

    Please please finish the sequel. I loved Lovely Wicked and need to see how Mitch, Liv and Sam are doing. 🙂

  5. Holly says:

    Will you be writting lw2???????

  6. Cindy says:

    Hi Kari-
    this is still a book I go back to time and time again – such an emotional love story (and damn HOT sex scenes…). I see a few years ago you mentioned a possible book 2…
    what happened?? is it still a possibility? would love to see Sam back with Mitch and Liv.
    Will read a few other of your books (haven’t yet..), but really enjoy the ménage stories – maybe another of those???

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