In the Red



Originally published By:
Loose Id LLC
Published: Jan 03, 2012
Reissued: January 19, 2015
Word Count: 48,578


Forensic accountant Brian Foster was a rising star at TFOS — the FBI’s Terrorism Financing Operations Section — until he was abducted, “questioned,” and left for dead. His nine days of captivity broke him. Brian retreats to the mountains of western Maryland where he amasses enough weaponry to hold off a zombie horde and enough lamps to pinpoint his location from the International Space Station. He’s losing the battle against paranoia. Too bad TFOS needs him. Brian stumbled onto something big when he vanished last year and TFOS needs that case resolved. Now.

The FBI tasks Special Agent Zachary Murdock with gluing Brian together and returning him to TFOS. Brian will steady once he focuses on work instead of his neuroses. As Zachary nudges Brian back into the career that cost him dearly, Brian’s paranoia escalates. Personal and professional lines blur. Zachary isn’t sure which presents the biggest complication anymore: Brian’s peculiar brand of crazy, the case they’re working, or the closeted submissive’s surprising — and enthralling — kink.

Zachary and Brian both know, when the case heats up and they’re forced to run, they’re operating at a loss, though: they are in the red.


Oh, I just love a good geeky hero and Brian is such a great character. He is totally adorable with his floppy bangs, glasses, and rock concert t-shirts. And he has such a great combination of stubborness, intelligence, and vulnerability. His mental state is shaky and his grip on sanity sometimes weak, but he has an underlying strength that carries through everything…Joyfully Jay

Ms. Gregg writes the best messed up characters that I love and want so desperately to save. Brian’s trauma breaks my heart. He’s so adorable, even when he is being confrontational….The Romance Reviews

In the Red will touch your emotions and have you rooting for a happy ending for this unusual couple.  With a realistic plot and two heroes sharing control, In the Red will have you reading into the night until you have finished.  You will fall in love with Brian and Zachaery and hope for more.  In the Red by Kari Gregg – excitement, heat and surprises – what more could you want!…

Amazon Kindle Gay & Lesbian Bestseller
ARe Category Bestseller — Gay, BDSM, Erotica
Fictionwise Category Bestseller — BDSM, Erotica
ARe Bestseller

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9 Responses to In the Red

  1. Robin says:

    Just finished In the Red. Loved it, but there must be a sequel. When?!

  2. lisa says:

    Just finished In the Red also, but hated being put on a cliff. This was great and I also enjoyed I, Omega, but being left hanging is painful.

  3. carla harmon says:

    Seqeul? “In the red” was so good. Brian was an enchanting character

  4. Rick Walton says:

    Just finished reading “In The Red”. Loved it. Only one problem. I was left hanginn.
    With the way this book ended I was wondering if there is a sequel coming? Please?
    Really enjoyed the book. Keep up the good work.

  5. AnnMarie says:

    Just finished reading In The Red for the second time. Please tell there is going to be a sequel. I keep checking your website to see if there are any updates..this is one of my favorite books to read but I can’t wait to see what happens to Zachary and Brian

  6. Melissa says:

    Absolutely loved this book but I need the next one. Same with I, Omega I read them over and over and love it every time but I would to see what happens next. These characters have a HFN but would love to see them get their HEA. Love your writing keep up the great work.


  7. Devony says:

    Just re-read & will add my voice to the hope you have a sequel brewing? *looks hopeful*

    I love the energy you express in your stories & the connection the MCs have is always off the charts intense & the chemistry hot;)

    …tho I have to say your Mating Season freaked me out! O-0 lol

    I would love to know how the story goes with Zachary, Brian & Jason.

  8. Devony says:

    It’s all good…yes disappointed, but I would rather wait to see what you bring us 😉 Follow your muse & all that 😉
    Thank you for sharing the worlds in your head!…& forgive any precoffee babbling 😉

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