Pretty Poison — Giveaway!

Hiya, dudes! Pardon me for interrupting the program here for a Pretty Poison pre-release review WOOT:

If I created a wish list of sorts for qualities I would like a MM shifter story to have, Kari Gregg checked off a good number of them with “Pretty Poison”. There is a ginger MC (YES!), alpha mating (YES!), a strong-willed MC with a disability (YES!), hot sex (HELLO!) and a strong mating bond (SCORE!) (Boy Meets Boy Reviews)


The release for Pretty Poison is about a week away so…time for a pre-release giveaway drawing!

PrettyPoisonDeadly poison…or exquisite cure?

Noah fell from an eighth story balcony as a toddler, cracking open his skull and shattering his body. The accident would’ve killed a human, but even shifter blood can’t heal some damage. After the pack recommended a mercy killing, Noah’s family ran. But there’s no outrunning the mating pact formed before Noah’s birth.

Wade, the new alpha, chooses an adult Noah to fulfill the pact. Wade believes the previous alpha was a fool to reject Noah as a weak and inferior wolf, but Noah’s family was wrong to hide him and starve his wolf, too. Human doctors with human medicines are poison to shifter physiology. Now that Noah is fully grown, halting his shift to retain the pins, plates, and bars holding him together hurts rather than helps him, and for Wade, more than Noah’s recovery is at stake.

Noah’s family sacrificed everything to keep him alive. Noah will do whatever it takes to save them—including mate with the alpha who is determined to correct past mistakes and defeat old prejudices contaminating the shifter community.

Too bad some still believe Noah is the true poison…and should be culled from the pack for good.


Content Warnings: Dubious consent, shifter knotting/tying, and Nerf gun assassination attempts. Ereaders (and you) may spontaneously combust–Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Length: 54,540 words

Noah, my hero in Pretty Poison, is all about the stubborn. No matter what life throws at him, he won’t back down or give up. Ever. He’s no delicate flower. He goes after what he wants.

What do you want? For Christmas, that is. 😉

Leave a comment here with your email address and what YOU want for Christmas. I’ll randomly draw one commenter to receive a free ebook copy of Pretty Poison (winner’s choice of pdf, mobi/prc for Kindle, or epub) on Saturday night, December 14th. Yup, the winner will receive a copy of Pretty Poison before the book releases and everybody else gets a shot at it. Sound good? Comment for your chance to win!

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43 Responses to Pretty Poison — Giveaway!

  1. Julaine says:

    What I want for Christmas? What I really want? To sell my house so I can finally make a fresh start in a new place. My husband and I bought what we thought was our dream home and less than six months later he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Most of my memories of this house are filled with the desperate battle and then the despair of adjusting to being a young widow with half grown children. Now that my son is finally buying his own condo and moving the first of the year I am ready to unload this place for something half the size and ten times less problems. So yeah, what I want for Christmas is a chance to start over now that I am finally happy again.

  2. I want a white Christmas (looking good right now), Daniel Snyder to sell his football team (won’t use the name), and better health for everyone in my family.

    • Kari says:

      We had 4 inches of snow last night, plus ice, and now they’re calling for another 3-5 inches of snow tonight. First real snow of the season and I’m already cranky. I’ll send all the snow vibes your way you could ever want, LOL.

  3. Suze says:

    The house to stay tidy once I’ve cleaned it ready for Christmas – a forlorn hope with 2 teenagers!

    • Kari says:

      No kidding. But you know, it’s amazing. My oldest moved out last fall for her first real apartment this past fall. FOR YEARS, you walked into her bathroom and it was like a girl grenade asploded all over the place. There were thousands of wee bottles and bits and scarves and jewelry and don’t even get me started on the cosplay stuff. Just EVERYWHERE. But now that she’s out and that bathroom is sparkly, that’s the stuff I miss.

      Except for the huge siren red hair color streak she left on the vanity. That, I’m still pissed about. 😉

  4. Val says:

    What I really want is some R&R. It is much needed.

    • Kari says:

      Should I hope you get snowed/iced in? Seems to be doing wonders for my do-nothings. 🙂 Hope you get a little peace & quiet in the December holiday rush!

  5. Thommie says:

    Ah, I’d like many things for Christmas. A job, a place of my own, financial security… the list goes on. The most important thing of them all, I wish my kids don’t get sick again for this semester. Health! That is what I want.

    Don’t count me in the giveaway. I only stopped to say hi and give this title a thumbs up. It’s on my to-read list and I can’t wait to start it over tomorrow. Best luck to Kari with this one too 😀

    • Kari says:

      And no more government shutdown fidiocy. That would be nice. Thanks for the signal boost, Thommie! VERY much appreciated. And hope you like the book, too. 🙂

  6. Jayden Brooks says:

    Being totally greedy and selfish… I want an iMac. The laptop is dying and I want to get back to my preferred interface for my photography.

  7. Ashley E says:

    What I really want for Christmas is my sister to move back closer to home. Before the baby comes! But I’ll settle for some new books, if I must. 😉

    • Kari says:

      Ooh, and a new baby, too! I lurv babies…as long as I can hand them back after about 10 minutes. LOL. Hoping for more time with your sister and a buncha new books for you this holiday season!

  8. Emily says:

    What do I want for Christmas? More days off for the holidays so I can spend time with my four year old and seven year old! You just don’t get enough time off anymore lol

  9. Trish says:

    What do I want? Not much… to be able to play cheesy christmas carols without my sons dissing me… to be able to feed a bunch of people christmas dinner without feeling stressed or judged… to be able to read without feeling guilty for not being social… to appreciate what I have coz it’s pretty bloody good.

    Merry xmas to you! Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Pat says:

    Okay, not very good but……to the tune of All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

    All I want for Christmas is a new ebook, a new ebook, see a new ebook.
    Gee if I could only have a new ebook
    Then I could wish you “Merry Christmas”

    • Kari says:

      LOL! That’s GREAT! I did one yesterday, to the tune of Deck the Halls:

      Tis the season for disaster docu-men-taries
      Fa lala lala
      We’re all doomed!

      Hee hee.

  11. Kat says:

    I dread this question when asked by the family & friends as I can never think of anything at the time. LOL! I’ll ask for health and happiness for my loved ones and call it good.
    kalimar2010 @

  12. Midia says:

    What I want for Christmas is two weeks of vacation at a beach where the only job I had to do was to lie and get a tan.

  13. M.A. Church says:

    This is going to sound so sappy, but I have what I want for Christmas, lol. I’m here. After the major health scare I had in October… well, I’m just glad to be here. 🙂

    • Kari says:

      I hear you. I had a bit of a medical eek that ended only recently myself. Everything turned out totally fine, though. Was just a scary and uber stressful 2013 for me is all.

  14. Kim Alan says:

    What I want for Christmas is quiet. Just, like, 48 hours of quiet. I’d settle for 12. We have three boy offspring and we recently removed every stitch of carpet in our house to refinish the hard wood floors…. Boys are LOUD. I just never before realized that they walk like they have hooves. 🙂

    • Kari says:

      I get exactly 3 hours of quiet 4 days/week. Kids are at school. Dh is at work. I have the house to myself, zero interruptions, and oh, is it beautiful beyond measure. Except for when the Board of Ed calls off school 2 days in a row. Cruel bastards.

  15. Ninna says:

    Books and more time to read…?

    • Kari says:

      What I wouldn’t give for more time to read. I have 3 books sitting at the tippy top of my Kindle, just waiting for me to have time. 🙁

  16. Debbie says:

    I already got my presents – two long haired doxie puppies from my hubbie. I have a great husband and a terrific son. I don’t need anything else.

  17. Jbst says:

    I would wish for my recent skin allergies to disappear. What an intriguing blurb with Noah’s disability etc.

    • Kari says:

      Hope your allergies clear up!

      And thanks, re Noah. I wanted to try something different, something I hadn’t seen before in shifter land. Shifters are often presented as super-strong and physically superior thanks to their super fast healing powers that they are damn near physically invincible. What if that wasn’t the case, though? Makes sense to me that it wouldn’t be the case. The world isn’t black and white. There’d be a gray area between an injury that’s fully heal-able and death. Seems to me that, as shifters age, they’d be as prone to disease as the rest of us and as prone to birth defects, too. I wanted to explore those gray areas a bit. 🙂

  18. Tiffany says:

    Peace on Earth…and cheesecake.

  19. Callie Dyess says:

    I want tons of mm romance books to read for free 😉 plus to be able to eat all of the chocolate and pecan pie that I want with my family this Christmas.

  20. Theresa says:

    I want the sequel to In The Red!!! Put a pretty red bow on it please.

  21. Ash says:

    I would love for my students to pass their exams!! They’ve worked so hard and they deserve it.

  22. Kari says:

    Congrats, Theresa! And check your email. You won the free copy of Pretty Poison. 😀

  23. Dawn says:

    Wow, what I want for Christmas…for the holidays to go good when all the family gets together! Sometimes it gets interesting with all the generations and different sides of the family getting together! We all love each other, but…

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