Twas the week before Christmas…

Got your shopping done yet? The stockings are hung? Any catastrophic no-bake cookie fails or am I just lucky that way? No visits from the fire department at my house so I’m calling that a win. 😉

To help put the ho in your holidays, I’ve set coupon code ZR24V for I Don’t: A Christmas Wish at Smashwords so you can get I Don’t for $2.50 — or a buck fifty off the list price. YAY!

Also a big ole woot from me for the many reviews that have rolled in…

I enjoyed these guys a lot and found the story laced with enough quirky humor (porno gingerbread men anyone?) to keep it from being sad or discouraging. Joyfully Jay

A lot of things happen in this story, some of them hilarious, some tender, some hot, but all lead to one inescapable conclusion: Marriage, and the respect for it, is important to so many people…The story is sweet, told from Seth’s perspective, and unfolds nicely. Thank you Ms. Gregg for a sweet (and well told) story. Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books

With characters I could easily read more about, a plot that is memorable, and a story that is truthful and funny, I think reading this story may become one of my Christmas traditions. Top 2 Bottom Reviews

…if you like characters with flaws and quirks to match those of the real people you know, and if you’re looking for a story about the meaning of love and commitment in a Christmas-time setting, you will probably love this short book as much as I did. Rainbow Book Reviews

Seth narrates the story, and he is charming. He has moments of real humor, and I smiled a lot reading his narration. Seth, because we’re in his head the entire time, is a breathing, hurting character who is easy to empathize with. He isn’t comprised of hurt and relationship agony, either. There are moments that he smiles and laughs, even though he’s worried about his relationship, and hurting constantly that Owen and he might be breaking up…the question of “what happens when marriage is an option when it hadn’t been before” became a conflict between Seth and Owen that was layered and thought provoking. Smart Bitches Trashy Books


Also, another wahoo from me and an early prezzie under my Christmas tree — a shiny new contract! I signed my m/m zombie apocalypse story, Half a Million Dead Cannibals, with Loose Id. You can read a rough blurb of the story on my WIP/Coming Soon page. When I know more, so will you. 😀

Wishing you all the best this holiday season…

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