What Rough Beast


Published By: Loose Id LLC
Published: Jan 25, 2011
Word Count: 85,412

Dark masters and the vampyr they’ve enslaved for millennia are at war…And the vampyr are losing.

During a raid on a dark master stronghold, Luc stumbles across Kate, a rare female susceptible to the vampyr virus. Ruthlessly hunted by the enemy, they flee — to Garrick, Luc’s mentor and friend. Garrick provides a sanctuary, but safety comes with a price. Though her mind remains very human, Garrick initiates the biological trigger that begins pair-bonding because they must mate. Quickly. Dark masters have tired of the rebellion. They will not tolerate the escape of another vampyr to mating. Dark masters flush the pair from his sanctuary and when Garrick eludes them, they seize Luc instead. Using him as bait, they draw Garrick and Kate into their trap.


The Romance ReviewThe Romance Review

Guys and gals who love the paranormal, the romance, the epic battle for freedom and the love of family and friends willing to die for each other, this one is for you. It has light and dark moments, passionate love and heart breaking loss, friendship and camaraderie and evil masters who enslave the masses. I’ve officially fallen in love with the rebels and can’t wait to cheer them on as they find love and slay their proverbial dragon. Michelle R., The Romance Reviews



What Rough Beast is available at:
Loose Id

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