My first guest blog, Lovely Wicked and going to ground…again

I’m talking about Story World and the Magic of “What if” and “How” at Castles and Guns today! Stop by and say hi!

Also mega Woo Hoo’s (!!!) for the rocking reviews that have come in recently for Lovely Wicked! Summer, at QMO says:

I like how she [that would be me, ya cretins, LOL] takes basic ideas and twists them in such interesting ways, her stories are really worth a read just to get her take on them. Full Review

and Rho at The Romance Reviews rated Lovely Wicked as a Top Pick!

There are times when you sit down to read, and you instantly know you are experiencing something special. That’s how I felt when reading LOVELY WICKED. This book is unlike any other erotic romance I have ever read. The deeply emotional plot rivaled with the extremely erotic and at times very carnal scenes and made this a highly intense read that captivated me from the beginning.

but I totally adored this too:

I thought that this book was unusual in that it’s a romance, but it’s told through the eyes of Mitch. That unusual voice lent itself to the amazing quality of this work. Full Review

Principally because I loves me some Mitch too. LOL. And Sammy. Oh my. That man, be still my heart. Really need to schedule the sequel somewhere on my calendar. 😉

Anyhoo, thank you Rho and Summer, for the woo-hoo worthy reviews–and also to the readers who posted reviews at Goodreads and Amazon. Special thanks go to She for picking Lovely Wicked for the Kindle Smut group read and to everyone who hopped in to say hi and participated in the F-U-N discussion! You guys. Are. Bursting with AWESOME!!!

Finally…Once again (except this time I mean it, LOL) I’m going to ground. Writerly ADD has me in its toothy, taloned grip–I now have two projects thisclose to THE END (I Omega and an as yet untitled short) that I need to clear off my virtual desk before I can go back to Plunder. And I have to finish Plunder before I can dig into (woo hoo!) the zombie book that is eating away my braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains. (He he.) So…

If I don’t come up for air in a few days, dancing giddily because something is done, Done, DONE, feel free to poke me with a stick. Just resist the urge to beat me over the head with it. 😀

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