Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? ~ Half a Million Dead Cannibals

Heya, guys! As you may have noticed, I went to ground in January and February to work, work, work. The results? Half a Million Dead Cannibals, my M/M zombie apocalypse, is set to release March 5th at Loose Id!

All that’s keeping Riley from the man he’s falling in love with are the ruins of a city filled with half a million dead cannibals.

Strangers, Riley and Graham sheltered together in a basement storage unit when the zombie outbreak slammed into the world three months ago. They lived through the first blast of the plague, but they may not last much longer among survivors scrambling for dwindling resources. They agree to hike from the city and to the safety of the mountains. They didn’t count on the storm they hoped would cover their exit developing into a Nor’easter, though, and they sure didn’t think their visibility would shrink so badly that they’d hike into the leading edge of a zombie swarm, either. In the chaos of escaping the ravenous horde, they are separated, with Graham racing toward feral dog packs to the east and Riley sprinting to hostile survivors hunting them to the west.

Nobody said finding and keeping a quality guy (alive) during the apocalypse would be easy.

I should have my awesomest of awesome cover for your look-see as well as a kick-ass book trailer to entertain you vera, vera soon. As always, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter (see right menu bar anywhere on ye website) to get in on the random subscriber prize drawing, please do so by March 4th, latest. You can also look forward to the pre-release giveaway starting the week before Dead Cannibals releases AND a fantastic contest launching on release day. Who wouldn’t want a Zombie Survival Kit, right? Preparing for the zombie apocalypse is your civic duty, dudes. Just sayin.

Don’t need no zombie survival crap? Are you positive? Take this quiz to find out your odds of becoming a zombie horde’s tasty canape.

If you are full of fail, just to prove what a pal I am, I’ll share these Ten Worst Things to Do in a Zombie Outbreak to help you out.

I would be woefully remiss if I didn’t tell you about my sooper speshul zombie drinking game to get your party on while we await the coming plague. Real simple. Watch any Resident Evil movie and anytime anyone says “Umbrella” or you see the Umbrella logo, drink. I don’t recommend doing this with zombie mix. It may look like blue koolaid, but trust me, you’ll be on your ass before the body count hits double digits. Depending on which movie you go for, you may not even make it through the opening credits. (Word to the wise.)

In the meantime, keep on eye out right here for more on Half a Million Dead Cannibals, follow me (or the #DeadCannibals hashtag) on Twitter & Facebook for zombie outbreak survival tips as well as assorted zombie fun plus line teases from Dead Cannibals, and add Dead Cannibals to your shelves on Goodreads.

Happy reading!

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